Pelargonium “Attar of Roses”


Gently run your hands over the leaves of this tender perennial, as this will help release their delicious rose-like scent. The pale lavender-pink flowers, which appear on the upright stems for months on end from late spring, are an added bonus and are useful for cutting & cooking.

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Product Description

Possibly one of the most well know and loved scented Pelargoniums.  With soft, fresh green leaves of a lovely strong rose scent and small soft pink flowers it really takes you by surprise once it gets into its stride. This makes an excellent pot plant, mixed border plant or summer bedding plant. It can be used in bouquets and in enhancing the flavour of the most delicious jams. Grows rapidly into a large plant in one season. We keep pots of them on the west facing terrace where the scent is brought out best by the afternoon sun. Place them outside in the garden after the risk of frost has passed. Remove the spent flowers as they fade, and keep them well fed using a dilute solution of a high-potash liquid fertiliser (Tomorite is ideal) at regular intervals. If you want to keep them over the winter, move them to a frost free environment and avoid overwatering during the colder months

Soil: Loam based compost is best or fertile well drained soil

Position: Full sun

Flowers: Summer

Hardiness: Needs frost protection

Height & spread: 50 x 30cm

Pot size: 1L