It is always helpful to receive feedback from our customers, especially when it’s full of praise for our plants & customer service. It’s also good to know when things don’t quite go as they should  so that we can put it right. Here’s what our customers say about us………

Plants arrived this morning, very good size and look healthy.
Received beautifully packaged plants today and wanted to let you know I am delighted with them, thank you. Will certainly use your nursery again
Thank you for the plants I ordered. I was delighted with the way they arrived , good size and looking very healthy. I have potted them up for now because we are very dry but will plant in garden as soon as I can. They are the best looking plants I have had delivered by an online order. Thanks again.
Hello Richard,
you might want to know the plants arrived in record time within a day, i e Tuesday 3 pm. They looked very healthy and raring to grow. Thanks for packing them lovingly, they were looking as fresh as could be expected after travelling to the South East of the country and needed only minimal rest and refreshment before being cosied into their allotted spaces later the same day. They’re snuggling in near some Salvia Amistad which will be a pleasing colour contrast to look forward to.
When I rushed out early the next morning, they already looked very much at home.
I hope you won’t mind me asking a question: would it be an idea to nip off the tops of at least some of the shoots to promote a more bushy growth??
Dear Richard.
Both boxes arrived yesterday and in great condition!
Thanks so much
Just a quick email to say thank you for recent delivery of Asplenius, the plants look in great condition and arrived safe and sound and now look great in the garden.
I like the way you wrap them in newspaper instead of sending more pots out, nice touch.
I look forward to buying plants from you again in the future
Just a thank you for my lovely Vinca major Dart Star, just received this evening…such nice looking healthy big plants!
Much appreciated!
New plants!!! #astilboidestabularis, #trachystemonorientalis, #weigelamiddendorffiana, #ribeslaurifoliumrosemoorform. Courtesy of @lewiscottageplants – speedy delivery and lovely plants, fab customer service!
@lewiscottageplants are excellent – I’ve bought from them before.
@thebuggardner yes, the ribes looks like it’ll be amazing! As for the weigela, I’m not a massive fan of yellow flowers on the whole but they’ll go perfectly with the planting I have in mind and their shape is irresistible
@lewiscottageplantsfantastic – they’re beautiful, healthy and a really terrific size. Hurrah indeed!
just wanted to say a big thank you for the plants today. They are gorgeous specimens and although I didn’t get chance to plant them yet, due to the rain, they’ll make a wonderful contribution to my garden as I turn it from brambles into some form of colourful order. Well, sort of, ha. I’ll certainly keep an eye out for more hydrangea next year when I start on the front garden -They’re my absolute favourite!
Dear Richard,
I’ve received your parcel yesterday, unpacked it today and absolutely happy with it!
No plastic pots, everything is healthy and strong. Going to plant all of them today, hurray!
Thanks a lot and all the best!
Hello Richard,
Just to let you know the plants have arrived safe and sound. All unpacked and ready to plant tomorrow. They have their spots already picked out. Very exciting, they look amazing.
Thank you once again.
I have just opened the box containing my plants (order #7333) and I am happy to say they all look to be fine and are all showing signs of life – except for the Rheum palmatum, which is probably still just a little behind. I will keep an eye on it, but hopefully it will be springing to life once the weather warms up a bit.
Thank you for the care with which you packaged and posted the plants, it is much appreciated.
All arrived safely, and I’m delighted. Such a joy to get plants that have actually grown outdoors to create decent roots.
Hi Richard
I received the plants ordered from yourselves today and would like to thank you for the extra plants which were included. How considerate of you and very much appreciated. All plants received were in good condition and I loved the packaging, very environmental friendly which is so important these days. We have just moved into our property and are busy planting up the large garden. The service received has been fantastic, consequently I will be using you again for our plants. It’s a breath of fresh when a business gets it right. Thank you again,
Very Best Wishes
Sounds brilliant. If only the whole world was like your enterprise.
Anyway, it has brought a ray of sunshine into my life thank you.
All received in very good condition. Really smart packing! Great plants.
Found you on the map. You are about an hour away from my friends in Beer, so I will arrange a trip over when I’m down visiting. Thanks for NGS Devon guide.
Plant (Silphium perfoliatum) has arrived safely – thank you. I look forward to welcoming its statuesque presence in our borders.
Thank you also for the Devon NGS booklet, although I don’t think we will be making the long journey to Devon this year. As it happens we are opening our garden in Hertfordshire for the NGS this year in July and in October, as we have done for the past 14 years including last year (see our website below).
I do try to support the local perennial nurseries whenever possible. Daisy Roots ( close to us is a great nursery, where I get a lot of my plants.
Hi richard
Received the plants very nice thanks. The Persicarias look particularly vigorous, compared to some of the bigger nurseries j parker for example your plants are in a different class, night and day, happy to support and will do do in future. It’s nice to deal with some one who obviously cares.
All the best,
Thank you for your email, that’s a nice touch and great customer service.
Plants arrived safely and very impressed with the quality. Thank you. Will use you again. The holiday cottage looks lovely. Unfortunelty I am disabled so not suitable for me.
recieved plant order 7577 3 Euphorbia Fireglow no problem with the delivery the driver who has been coming to us over a number of years spotted the wrong number before seeing your note so all fine,
thankyou so much for your fanastic service, stay safe
kind regards
Received the plants today. I’m astonished at the size and quality. They are superb. Thanks so much 😊
Thank you so much for your amazing service. I very much appreciate it.
I am hoping to come over at some point next year and have a look around your beautiful garden.
Dear Mr Orton,
Thank you for your kind note- I am so impressed! I am also totally impressed by your environmental policy. It is so good that you are reusing what would be thrown away and ditching the plastic.
It is an absolute pleasure to order from you!
Thank you Richard…My order arrived yesterday and although the DPD delivery guy actually put it on my front step upside down!! the contents were fine…your packaging is great, especially use of paper ‘pots’, shredded packaging ready for my compost heap- etc.
Thank you for my lovely Inula plant which arrived safely today.
Hi Richard,
Belated thanks for the plants. They arrived in good order & looking very healthy.
Hi Richard,
Just wanted to say a big thank you for dropping the plants off- they look great and excited to get them planted. Sorry to have missed you.Thanks again,
Hi Richard,
Got it. Like the plastic free packing, thank you
Richard, Plants just arrived this evening.
Your packaging is exemplary. It is the first time I have seen the shredded paper technique. A bit messy to unpack, but plants in great condition.
I admired a group of Hydrangea Quadricolor in Dunham Massey garden recently and decided to buy. Very few suppliers which is why I found you.
The plants look super, thank you so much. Great to see a lack of pots, we have a local nursery that takes all our spares but sending them out in newspaper is a genius idea. The elastic bands will be added to my collection which I take to the post room at work when the pile reaches instability.
So excited about D stewartii, an impulse buy. The previous owners of my house were keen gardeners. After a battle with ground elder its now exciting to spy self set Digitalis’lings appearing and wondering which species they are.
Enough of my warbling, thank you again for the strong plants, rapid delivery and sustainable packaging.