Geum rivale “Album”


This native British perennial wildflower, suitable for bog gardens, edge of ponds, & cottage gardens has charming, nodding heads of white flowers in green calyces in early summer. It is a modest plant, perfect for a cool spot & has clumps of rounded, lobed leaves with tall grey-green stems.

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Geum rivale ‘Album’ is a compact herbaceous perennial. In late spring, it bears dainty, nodding, white flowers on wiry stems held above its lobed basal foliage.Water Avens are flowers of damp, shady places, often found beside streams and at the edges of hedges. This is a member of the rose family. The plants usually reaches a height of 50cm, and the flowers are typically 1.5 cm in diameter. The flowers, which bloom from April until September, are usually at their best in June.

Position: Shade
Soil: Moist, rich fertile soil
Rate of growth: Moderate
Flowering period: April to September
Hardiness: Hardy
Pot size: 9cm
Eventual height and spread:30cm x 40cm