Actaea pachypoda “Misty Blue”


A selected form of this north american woodland perennial forming a sizable multi-stemmed clump of blue-green foliage topped in the spring with small clusters of white flowers. The showy white fruits commonly known as “Doll’s Eyes” are borne on red pedicels in autumn. The berries are poisonous. An excellent, unusual choice plant for a woodland garden.

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Why is the Actaea Misty Blue a must for any garden? simply because everyone will say “wow”. Handsome mounds of bi-pinnately dissected glaucous foliage are topped in Spring by spikes of scented, somewhat fluffy white flowers. Later these set to form clusters of remarkable pure white berries with a black dot at the apex, hence the name ‘doll’s eyes’. Even more remarkable are the thickened bright cherry red pedicels (stalks) which support the cluster. In fruit they really are striking, staring out like some multi-eyed alien. A handsome plant over a long season for the woodland garden, but a word of CAUTION for those with young children. The fruits are extremely poisonous,

Position: Partial shade
Soil: Deep, moist
Rate of growth: Moderate
Flowering period: May – June
Hardiness: Hardy
Pot size: 1L
Eventual height and spread: 65cm x 65cm