The Rondel – 8 years in the making

The Rondel 2008In 2006, on the occasion of Richard’s 40th birthday, we decided to celebrate this landmark (!)  event by    planting a Yew hedged Rondel above the row of mature Lime trees in the top field. We had already planted a Quercus Rubra in the centre of the field in 2004 and thought it would look even better encircled by Yew, forming a natural reading room in years to come.

Two years later and the hedge was failing appallingly, we had failed to do our homework and had planted the Yew in the worst conditions possible. The Rondel looked dreadful, so after much thought and advice, the Yew hedge was dug up and potted on to recuperate and a Hornbeam hedge put in its place. I’m pleased to say that the Yew recovered and is now planted around the garden as specimen pieces, all being trimmed into fanciful topiary pieces though this of course will take a while to come to fruition. The hornbeam Rondel is also looking fabulous and after 6 years of growth now looks exactly as we imagined.The Rondel 2014

As Richard’s 48th birthday approaches the addition of a circular tree seat has finished the look and the outdoor “Reading room”is now complete. Come visit us on our NGS open days, bring a book and take solace in a space of natural quietude.