Scabious “Eileen’s Pink” 2018

Scabious Eileen's PinkSCABIOUS “EILEEN’S PINK”

I first noticed this charming Scabious growing in my Mother’s garden a few years ago and was struck by how tall they were. Not as tall as Cephelaria gigantea, but not far off. They were certainly 4ft tall and thriving in Mother’s Northamptonshire front garden. I couldn’t find any pink Scabious that grew that tall so she kindly gathered seed and let me have a handful. I put them away in my seed tin and promptly forgot about them until sorting through the tin in the Spring of 2017. By then my Mother had died so it seemed appropriate to give them a go. Lo and behold I have a goodly many plants now, all nameless officially so I’ve called them Scabious “Eileen’s Pink” after my Mother. I shall of course plant some in the garden at Lewis Cottage but will be left with at least 50 plants to sell here on the website and on our NGS open days . All the proceeds from the sale of these plants will go to the National Lymphoma Society.

Scabious Eileen's Pink