Veronica gentianoides


Veronica gentianoides forms a dense mat of thick, dark green foliage, from which tall spires of light blue flowers appear in early summer. It’s a magnet for bees and looks good growing among other perennials at the front of a mixed herbaceous border. It’s particularly well suited to cottage garden schemes. Grow Veronica gentianoides in moist but well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade. Cut back the flower spikes after flowering.

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Also called Gentian Speedwell, this has a fairly compact habit that makes it of great use towards the front of a border, in the rock garden or even in tubs and pots. Plants form a low rosette of wide leaves, with upright spikes of powder-blue flowers appearing in late spring and early summer. Trim off dead flowers in late June to tidy plants up for the summer. Contrasts beautifully with other flowers in hues of bright golden-yellow or orange, or mix with other pastel shades for a softer effect. Easily divided in autumn or early spring. Evergreen in mild winter regions.

Pot size: 2L
Soil type: Ordinary, well drained
Flowering period: Summer:
Aspect: Full sun or partial shade
Eventual height & spread: 40cm x 45cm
Rate of growth: average
Hardiness: Fully hardy