Trollius europ. compactus Lemon supreme


An abundance of lemon yellow, bowl-shaped blossoms on a much shorter and compact plant. Rich and large flowering, very vigorous, reliable flowering. Clumps of dark green, deeply cut, palmate foliage. Globeflowers are moist to wet meadow plants. Sun or shade.

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This Trollius is a compact form that stands at about half the height of the species.  It forms a tidy compact clump of attractively lobed, dark green, toothed leaves.

Plump, rounded, yellow buds open to bright lemon yellow, bowl-shaped blossoms.  This is a spring blooming species that often reblooms in the autumn.

Though T. europaeus tends to be more tolerant of drier soils than most other types of Trollius, it will perform better in average to moist soil.

Trollius are best suited to bog gardens, or near to a water source, such as a pond or stream. The globe-shaped flowers, a single flower on a tall stem, are usually yellow or orange, and appear in Spring. ‘Lemon Supreme’ is a compact variety that has yellow flowers from late Spring to early Summer

Eventual Height & Spread 60-90 Cm

Soil Type; Loamy Clay

Rate Of Growth: Average

Aspect; Sun/Partial Shade

Hardiness; Hardy

Flowering Period; Spring To Summer

Pot Size; 2L