Symphytum Hidcote Pink


Hidcote Pink has pink and white flowers only. A grouping several feet across, in full flower, is a lovely sight. Cut down after flowering to maintain a more managable planting. The connection between the Hidcote comfreys and the famous gloucestershire garden is unclear.


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Symphytum ‘Hidcote Pink’ is a pink flowered comfrey, with bell-shaped flowers in clusters, above medium-large, green, oval shaped leaves, with a hairy surface. Flowerbuds are red, then open to pink with white at the base of the petals. A herbaceous perennial that is good for woodland planting, or moist, semi-shaded beds in the garden with humus-rich soil.Can be invasive, so remove extra plants every few years, or divide and lift.
Position: Dappled shade/dense shade
Soil: Any
Rate of growth: Rapid
Flowering period: Early Spring – through summer
Hardiness: Hardy
Pot size: 2L
Eventual height and spread: 30 x 90cm