Symphyandra hoffmanii


A pretty Campanula like plant from the Balkans with dense spikes of rather charming, nodding, white bell-shaped flowers, each up to 2″ long flowering all through Summer. Self seeds easily, on most soils giving way to drifts of plants in future years.

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In the first year, S. hofmannii  forms long leaved rather wrinkly foliage rosettes, followed the next year with a superb display of blooms. Many upright to gently arching 12 to 18 inch stems arise from the basal clump. These are lined with inflated, down facing buds which open into a succession of large ivory white blooms for a long period in summer.Happiest in sun to part shade in good soil with average moisture, it will set seed generously and can be allowed to self sow to perpetuate itself in the garden to form drifts of plants in future years.

Size 9cm