Rodgersia pinnata


A bold treasure for cool and damp places from the moment its deeply pleated and divided bronze leaves start to unfold, until in midsummer, it flaunts a plume-like head of rose-red tiny flowers and finally leaves a bold seed head. Height 90 cm A clump-forming perennial with bold, crinkled dark green leaves, purple-bronze when young. Upright stems of bright pink starry flowers. Best in a moist soil.

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With its bold, divided leaves Rodgersia pinnata forms an exotic-looking clump that adds a unique foliage accent to any moist border. Large airy plumes of soft-pink to ivory flowers appear in early to mid-summer, and these are useful for cutting or even drying. Plants prefer a moist, dappled shade setting, but will grow in full sun at the waterside. Useful as a bold, architectural specimen plant. Clumps seldom need dividing, but this may be done in early spring. Divisions take a few years to settle back in. The foliage often takes on a bronze caste when first emerging in the spring. Water during dry weather.
Position: Moist dappled shade
Soil: Moist, retentive soil
Rate of growth: Slow
Flowering period: Early to mid summer
Hardiness: Hardy
Pot size: 1L
Eventual height and spread: 90cm x 1m