Polygonatum verticillatum


The Solomon’s seal is one of the most elegant and graceful woodlanders, arching, angular,upright stems with narrow, green elliptical swirls of narrow leaves arranged like wings, under which creamy white bell like flowers with green lobes dangle in May – June. Later bearing red fruit turning amber. Generally very easy to grow and long lived.Likes cool, moist shade.
Harmful if eaten.



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For those who value a change in form and texture this plant slowly forms a slender column to around 1m tall of primly erect stems, clothed at intervals with whorls of very narrow pointed leaves. In spring clusters of small cream and green flowers hang along the upper ends, followed by small red berries. By autumn the whole plant glows like a lamp in shades of honey and amber.

Position: Full sun or partial shade

Soil: Moist, rich soil

Rate of growth:Moderate

Flowering period:May-June

Hardiness: Fully hardy

Height & Spread: 1m x 25cm

Pot size: 2L