Ligularia dentata Othello


A statuesque and robust plant with green kidney shaped leaves with purple veins and undersides up to 18″ across. From July  bright deep yellow daisy like flowers open on erect stems. Will grow well in any moist situation including bog gardens.


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Sometimes called Elephant Ears, this is a bold specimen perennial that needs a moist location. Plants form a clump of large, rounded dark-green leaves with a purple backside. Taller stems appear in June, bearing clusters of bright golden orange daisy flowers. Superb for the back of the border, or at the waterside. An unusual centrepiece for a tub or large container. Both the flowers and leaves are great for cutting. Slugs can be troublesome. Clumps may be divided in the spring, every 3 to 4 years. ‘Othello’ is very similar to the variety ‘Desdemona’, but slightly earlier to flower.
Position: Back of border or waterside
Soil: Deep moist soil is best
Rate of growth: Moderate
Flowering period: Summer
Hardiness: Hardy
Pot size: 2L
Eventual height and spread: 3ft x 3ft