Epimedium vers sulphureum


Epimediums have been popular in Japan for many years but have gained in popularity with UK gardeners over the past few years. They are generally hardy and enjoy a spot in dappled shade with moist, well-drained soil and regular mulching with garden compost or leaf mould. For the best foliage, cut back old leaves in spring before new foliage appears.


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Epimedium x versicolor ‘Sulphureum’ is a vigorous selection of the original cross, growing up to 30cm tall & 90cm wide. The leaves are beautifully veined with bronze, and then in autumn they become veined with deep red. New leaves are produced on colourful red stems. The deep yellow flowers are produced in spring. These look particularly attractive when set off by blue-flowered wood anemones, pulmonarias and brunneras.
• Position: Dappled, partial or full shade
• Soil: Moist, well drained
• Rate of growth: Slow
• Flowering period: March/April
• Hardiness: Hardy
• Pot size: 2L