Clerodendrum Bungei


shade. Hardy perennial.

A very good plant for shrub or mixed borders if managed in the correct way. Spreading by suckers, tall stems bear large, almost heart shaped leaves, which are purple-green when young, becoming dark green with age. Late in the season clusters of fragrant, deep pink flowers are borne at the top of the stems. This plant is a good architectural specimen, and good as a back drop to hot coloured annuals and herbaceous plants. The bare winter stems are tall, and are good features in the winter months.

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Clerodendrum Bungei, commonly known as the Glory Flower, is a deciduous shrub with large, pungent leaves and sweetly scented pink flowers. It originates from China and North India & was introduced to the UK in the 1850s. Clerodendrum Bungei has large leaves & an unusual leaf scent . Early in the season they turn a light shade of purple before maturing into dark glossy green. Rose-pink flowers appear during late summer to autumn in panicles with longer stamens in the centre. The flowers hold a sweet scent, and because they are so densely packed this scent can be identified at some distance. Clerodendrum bungee will reach a maximum height of 1.5-2 metres and spread over the same distance within 5-10 years. It is very reliable, growing back stronger and more vibrant each year.

Position: Sun / part shade

Soil: Fertile, well drained

Rate of growth: Moderate to fast

Flowering period: Early summer to autumn

Hardiness: Hardy perennial

Pot size: 3 Litre

Eventual height & spread: 2m x 2m