Clematis Praecox


Clematis ‘Praecox’ (H) is a late flowering Clematis. This despite the fact “Praecox” usually means premature in a horticultural context. However it can also mean precocious, so I guess the breeder was attempting some kind of pun. We love the clusters of white star-shaped flowers have deep bluey-mauve tips. A clump-forming, vigorous, scrambler that also looks fabulous when trained against a wall. clematis ‘Praecox’ is also known as jouiniana ‘Praecox’.

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These fabulous, yet unusual clematis are classed as herbaceous sub-shrubs as their growth is so very different from the rest of the genus Clematis. C.’Praecox’ produces star-like flowers with recurved tips and woody scrambling stems. These make excellent plants for the border, they are easy to grow and bloom over a long period.  This group of plants flower and perform better in sunny free draining conditions.  Leave pruning until mid-spring(April) when the weather has improved. Do NOT prune these hard in autumn or winter when tidying other herbaceous plants as the Heracleifolia Group over-winter better with the old growth left intact. Avoid them becoming too excessively wet during their first autumn and winter in the ground or perhaps plant in the spring.


  • Position: Full sun/partial shade
  • Soil: Almost any
  • Rate of growth: Moderate
  • Flowering period: July,August,September
  • Hardiness: Hardy
  • Pot size: 1L
  • Eventual height & spread: 1-4m x 1-3m