Campanula takesimana


This particularly beautiful and handsome Campanula will definitely not go unseen in your border. Forming fine rosettes of large, glossy green leaves, it bears stems of especially lovely and large, huge even, hanging tubular bells lilac-white in colour heavily spotted inside with maroon and held clear of the foliage.

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Campanulas have retained their popularity with gardeners for many years, and yet this elegant variety is surprisingly underused, though becoming more widely known. Campanula takesimana produces arched stems of glossy, toothed foliage which are topped with large pendant, bell-shaped flowers. The pink flushed blooms are well worth a closer look, as the inside of each flower is decorated deep maroon freckles. This hardy perennial has a rapid growth habit that will quickly form large clumps in borders. It prefers a lightly shaded spot making it useful for under-planting trees and shrubs,or filling the darker borders in the garden

  • Position: Full sun, partial shade
  • Pot size: 1L
  • Soil: Almost any soil,
  • Rate of growth: Moderate
  • Flowering period: June, July, August
  • Hardiness: Fully hardy
  • Eventual height & spread Height: 60 cm x 60cm