Bergenia Eden’s Magic Giant


Big varnished rosettes of firm, extra large rounded evergreen foliage beam purplish bronze colours that indeed work magic on a bleak winter landscape. A verdurous foil the rest of the year, dark green leaves reach up to a 30cm long and 20cm across, while supporting dense rosy pink flower clusters, defined by red centres, white stamens and open starry faces on stout wine-hued stems. Bedazzled with jewel tones and texture galore, this hybrid Bergenia crafts an exceptional, easy-care ground cover for moist poorly drained banks, streamsides or borders.


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Bergenia ‘Eden’s Magic Giant’ is a highly desirable cultivar with enormous dark leathery foliage that is large enough to resemble a cabbage or rhubarb. The huge leaves have a distinctive crumpled ruffled appearance with prominent light green veins. Tinges of purple occur in the winter months. The flowers are rose-pink and are borne in panicles on a tall robust stem. Responding well to a deep moist humus-rich soil, Bergenia ‘Eden’s Magic Giant’ slowly forms a large clumping colony, its large foliage taking on a startlingly exotic presence particularly when used in a jungle context with suitably inspired planting combinations. Those that think Bergenia is just a fusty and boring old plant suitable only for low-maintenance suburban bedding would do well to experiment with this large-leaved cultivar. Planting combinations using more obviously exotic plants like bamboos, aroids, gingers and ferns will produce surprising and pleasingly stylish results.


  • Pot size : 2L
  • Position: Partial shade
  • Soil: moist, retentive soil
  • Rate of growth: average
  • Flowering period: Spring
  • Hardiness: fully hardy
  • Eventual height & spread: 60-80cm