Aruncus Horatio


Long stems end in side branches that are are studded with tiny white flowers, that splay out rather like November sparklers. As the flowers age they turn rust red. At the base is a big clump of handsome, mid-green leaves that takes on autumn colours.

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Unquestionably, it is A. ‘Horatio’ that stands out as a truly exceptional perennial. It grows into a shrub like plant each spring reaching 120 cm., some 40 inches, tall and nearly the same in width. The foliage is fresh green and elegant, but it is the mass of fine flower spikes that set it apart. Aruncus flower in early summer and in truth they tend to look better just before flowering than when in flower as it seems that once the mass of fine pale flower buds open they start fading from off white to cream and all to quickly turn brown. A. ‘Horatio’ is no different, but its flowers are arranged in long thin flower spikes and these start tuning brown along their length so that an interesting two tone effect develops that looks attractive rather than detracting from the plants elegance. Aruncus tolerate shade and some drought when established and we often use this plant as an informal background or open hedge in such situations. They never need staking and contribute subtle elegance to their surroundings all summer long and, for a short period in autumn, the bonus of some good mellow tints. It will be two, maybe three, years before A. ‘Horatio’ becomes the star of your early summer garden, but it is tough and will delight you for many years to come.

Position: Dappled shade to full sun
Soil: Moist, fertile soil
Rate of growth: Moderate
Flowering period: Early Summer
Hardiness: Fully hardy
Pot size:1L
Eventual height and spread: 120cm x 120cm