In praise of Yewtopia

12803057_779622518835592_2974924479529368831_nFaced with the prospect of felling four mature Lime treesthis year, Ben and his team from Yewtopia suggested that we try Pollarding them first as an experiment and then at the end of the season take a view. Pollarding encourages new growth and maintains trees in a partially juvenile state. The Limes, as beautiful as they are, were casting  a large area of shade late across the lawn on a Summer’s day that it was almost as if night had arrived early. As you can see, the Pollarded trees now afford a clear view across the lawn whilst also creating a row of natural sculptures, which in time will bring forth the recognisable “knobs” of new growth so familiar with a Pollarded tree. Yewtopia undertake all of the tree work here at Lewis Cottage and also maintain the hedges and lawns, in readiness for our NGS openings each year. Ben and his team can be contacted via their Facebook page