Digitalis Laevigata


This fully hardy, perennial, semi-evergreen plant opens its orange and pink, large-lipped, bell-shaped flowers all summer long, and if sown early flowers the first year. With high drought tolerance, it grows well both in semi-shade and direct sun. Sold in 9cm pots


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Product Description

As you all know, I am a great lover of Digitalis and in particular the perennials. I have been meaning to get D.Laevigata on our list for a while and had great hopes when I set seed last year. It does not disappoint, with it’s soft orange-yellow flowers with purple netting and a white lower lip, though those of you expecting the blousey  flowers of the biennial types will be disappointed. Like most of the perennial types Digitalis laevigata, the flowers are much smaller, neater and are best examined close up. They’re at their best when planted en masse, I find. Also known as the Grecian foxglove, (although its origins are probably in SE Europe) and smooth foxglove, a translation of it’s Latin species name. “Smooth” refers to the leaves, which have more in common with a large plantain than with Digitalis purpurea, the flowers are akin to tiny Acanthus flowers.  I also rather like the way the old leaves turn into a sort of textured mosaic of colors and patterns. I think that Digitalis laevigata should be more widely grown. The flowers are unique, and it’s a reliable perennial for part shade.

Size 9cm




height 24″