Melittis melissophyllum


This mounding perennial has downy, honey-scented foliage. Small orchid-like flowers are clustered near the stem tips, white with a wine-red lip and very attractive to butterflies. Flowers appear in late spring and early summer. Grows well in any reasonably moist soil. Suitable for near the front of a perennial border, along a bright woodland path or in containers.

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Product Description

M. melissophyllum can be found over a wide area of Europe, as far east as Turkey. It is a plant of many guises. Sometimes its flowers are entirely pink; at other times, white. It is a handsome plant and, if well-cultivated, makes a strong clump with upright stems clothed in slightly puckered dark-green leaves with a bit of polish about them. The foliage is aromatic – not in a strong, minty way, but with a sweet, light woodland aroma similar to that of woodruff. The typical hooded labiate flowers are borne in whorls around the stem so, from whichever angle the plant is seen, some of them look the viewer right in the eye. The lower lip of the flower protrudes, and the broad, central, pink stripe gives the impression of a tongue being poked out rudely as though it could not care less what anybody thinks about its status! M. melissophyllum grows to about 45cm (18in), but can get bigger. It is one of those wonderful plants that mature year on year, gaining in stature and presence.

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