Brunnera sibirica


A rarely seen species with sprays of typical flowers in a light sky blue over a carpetting deciduous groundcover. Bold, heart-shaped foliage looks fresh throughout spring and summer. 30cm. Shade.

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Product Description

This is Siberian bugloss, Brunnera sibirica. The real deal, not the lovely and available-anywhere “Siberian” bugloss, Brunnera macrophylla. Truthfully, they’re similar, macrophylla and siberica, except that macrophylla isn’t quite as large.  So it could be important to be able to casually let visitors know that, no, the brunnera isn’t particularly large because I’m just a good gardener.The real reason the plant is so large is that it’s a different species, members of which always get this large.  Better yet, it’s not easy to get either!Size 2L
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