Salvia involucrata bethelii


This Salvia has large, flamboyant, shocking pink flowers Sept-Nov. Plant in full Sun in well drained but not too dry soil. Half hardy. Best against a warm wall or supported by nearby plants. It also has aromatic foliage, is bee friendly, and attractive to butterflies and moths.

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Product Description

Salvia involucrata bethelii  is a large, imposing Salvia, growing up to 1.5 metres in ideal conditions. It tends to flop a bit if not given some support, either from neighbouring, sturdier plants or a few hazel sticks at its base. As a perennial originating from Mexico, it’s not completely hardy in the UK, so we treat ours as tender perennials, starting them off in the greenhouse. It’s best in a sheltered position in full sun or partial shade. You can take softwood cuttings at any time, as long as there’s suitable fresh growth available. Whilst it is recommended that it is grown in well drained but moist soil, it does well here in our heavy clay bizarrely. Salvia inv. bethelii has striking deep pink flowers with an un-opening terminal bud, flowering from July to November. The bracts are deep pink contrasting with the lighter pink of the flowers. Large ovate foliage, enhanced by a purplish mid-rib to each leaf.

Position: Full sun

Soil: Moist but well drained

Rate of growth: Moderately quick

Flowering period: July – November

Hardiness: Half hardy

Pot size: 3 Litre

Eventual height & spread: 90cm x 40cm (can grow to 1.5m)