Hydrangea paniculata Brussels Lace


Hydrangea ‘Brussels Lace’ is a large hardy deciduous shrub which produces small fairly loose panicles of pinkish white flowers which appear from late summer to autumn

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Product Description


A vigorous deciduous shrub with red stems & lacy, cream, open panicles of flowers so prolific as to obscure the foliage! Flowering period is short as all flowers open at the same time in June. These turn a rich shade of pink with age. Best grown in moist, fertile soil in dappled shade. Shelter from strong winds, good in north facing positions & for growing in a large pot.”Brussels Lace” is a seedling of Hyd. Unique.

Position: Partial shade

Soil: Moist, well drained

Rate of growth: Moderate

Flowering period: Summer to autumn

Hardiness: Hardy

Pot size: 3 Litre

Eventual height & spread: 1.8 cm x  1.5 cm