Geum trifolum


Geum trifolum, prairie smoke,  three flowered avens, or Old Man’s whiskers is a spring-blooming perennial herbaceous plant of North America from northern Canada to California and east to New York. The flowers bloom from mid-spring to early summer.


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Product Description

From Arctic North America comes this delightful plant which, amongst its other virtues, offers you a wide choice of English names: Prairie Smoke, Indian Physic, Bowman’s Root, Lion’s Beard, Old Man’s Whiskers, Grandfather’s Beard – take your pick! It’s a beautiful plant with grey, softly hairy, ferny, much-divided foliage and bearing in early summer three-flowered heads of vivid red, single and double blooms. These are followed by feathery seed heads that remain showy and interesting all summer. A distinctive and much loved plant of the prairies of North America. Thanks to Ballyroberts garden for the description!

Pot size: 9cm

Position: Full sun

Soil: Any well drained soil

Rate of growth: Moderate

Flowering period: Summer

Hardiness: Hardy

Eventual height & spread: 45cm x 30cm