Euphorbia martinii


Euphorbia x martini is a lovely spurge, bearing dark grey-green rosettes of leaves and upright bracts in lime-green with a red eye.Grow Euphorbia x martini in well-drained soil in full sun to dappled shade, such as in a gravel garden, where it can gradually spread to form a low, weed smothering carpet. The flowers persist until summer, gradually fading to pale-green. Cut back to the ground before the first frosts.

Always wear gloves when working with euphorbias. The milky sap is a skin irritant.

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ONE of the most handsome winter foliage plants, Euphorbia x martinii produces dark greyish-green rosettes of leaves on stiff stems that reach 60cm. The flowers, which appear as spring glides into summer, form an upright spike of lime-green bracts – each studded with a tomato-red eye. This combination of zingy lime green with a hint of warm red is one of the most alluring in the plant kingdom. E. x martinii also has poise; each leafy rosette is perfectly balanced by the flower head. This impressive euphorbia is a natural hybrid discovered growing wild in southern France during the late 19th century. The parents are E. amygdaloides (the wood spurge) and E. characias. Both are valuable garden plants in their own right.

Position: Full sun

Soil: Light well drained

Rate of growth: Moderate to fast growing

Flowering period: March to July

Hardiness: Hardy

Pot size: 1L

Eventual height & spread: 75cm x 75cm