Bergenia ciliata “Tubby Andrews”


A “must have”  for lovers of variegated plants, with foliage mottled pale green, cream & yellow, this form of elephant’s ears creates a bright winter feature. Very attractive for flower arranging with pink flowers.

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Product Description


Tubby Andrews’ is a clump-forming perennial growing to around 30cm high. It has highly-distinctive, large, rounded fleshy leaves, variegated green and light green in spring and summer turning green and pink in autumn and winter. Clusters of pink flowers are borne on erect red stems in spring. Do not overfeed or the leaves will become green

Position: Sun or part shade

Soil type: Most soils

Rate of growth: Slow

Flowering period: Spring

Hardiness: Hardy

Pot size: 1L

Eventual height & spread: 30cm x 60cm