Viburnum Le Bois Marquis


A Long season interest shrub with large lanceolate glossy dark green leaves. Evergreen to semi evergreen depending on the severity of the winter. Produces large white flat flowers in May and June followed by red fruits. Long Lasting Red and Burgandy autumn foliage. Sun or partial shade most soils

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Product Description

Viburnum ‘Le Bois Marquis’ is a lovely viburnum bred in France from a cross between Viburnum awabuki and Viburnum x hillieri ‘Winton’. It is far more compact than Viburnum x hillieri ‘Winton’ and has even more stunning foliage. The young spring leaves are flushed bronze-red and it has good autumn and winter foliage as well. Clusters of very pretty, fragrant white flowers in the summer are followed by bright red fruits.
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