Tricyrtis Dark Beauty


Unusual, star-shaped, purple-spotted flowers from August to September and smooth dark green leaves, which are spotted with dark purplish green. This toad lily is great for adding an exotic touch to the garden as well as vertical interest. Best grown in a sheltered, shady border or woodland garden. In colder areas of the country give the plant a deep, dry winter mulch. Sold in 9cm pots


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Product Description

A magnificent shade loving flower that brings a touch of the exotic to the end of the summer season, flowering August to October new to Lewis Cottage plants for 2016. Its native range is from the Himalayas to eastern Asia, a genus of the Asian lily family know in England as toad lilies. Long stems, erect or arching hold striking star shaped flowers. The perianth is trumpet shaped with six tepals arranged into two whorls, the stamens yellow to white, spotted red and tipped with purple anthers. The petals are a dusky white, heavily spotted with purple creating a deep blue bruised effect. Will thrive in shaded areas, preferring well drained fertile soil, may need frost protection but is typically hardy. This beautiful ornamental flower will do well featured at the front of a border, it’s height only 65cm, and can also be an attractive cut flower

Size 1L