Rheum palmatum tanguticum


Cousins to regular old garden rhubarb, the ornamental Rheums are wonderful for their bold, architectural effect in the border. This scarce form has large pointy-edged leaves tinged with bronzy-red in spring, later becoming green. Bizarre spikes of flowers tower overhead in summer, in shades of soft pink to red, and these are interesting as cut flowers. Plants must have a rich, moist site to perform their best. Clumps may be divided in early spring, but this is seldom necessary.


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Product Description

A handsome and architectural damp lover for a pond or stream side.  The large jagged leaves covering up to 2.5m (8ft) spread, are deep green, tinted rich purple underneath.  The stalks are red but are not really edible!  The hermaphrodite flowers are pinky-white, opening from tight pink buds, and are wind pollinated.  This plant requires a moist, but not wet, site and is tolerant of heavy soils, including clay.  Please order early or late in the season as plants grow very large in the summer and have to be cut back to transport.Size 1L
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