Primula Bulleyana


An extremely vigorous and hardy candelabra Primula, P.bulleyana thrusts up numerous strong stems bearing golden-yellow flowers with darker eyes. It does especially well in waterside environments where it will self seed generously making fabulous clumps!

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Product Description

Primula bulleyana is known as the candelabra primula because of the whorls of flowers held at intervals along bare stems, giving the plant the appearance of a candelabra. The flowers appear in late Spring and last until early Sumer, opening golden-yellow and gradually fading to orange. The foliage is mid green and heavily veined, forming a rosette at the base of the flower stem. Ideal for introducing colour in late Spring, it grows in sun or partial shade, in a moist, neutral to acidic soil. H18″ S12″

Size 9cm