Phlomis Samia


An attractive and interesting plant for the border is this native of North Africa with wrinkled leaves and bearing in early summer unusual hairy blooms, greenish-cream outside and pinkish, purple veined inside. These are borne in whorls of 10-15 flowers on downy stems. Hardy throughout the British Isles H.3ft 

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Product Description

This rarely seen true plant of the Phlomis family with rosettes of green foliage and strong, upright stems with spikes of soft pinkish flowers in summer from purplish calyces. Grow in good soil in sun, height to 1.2m.It is unusual in a few ways; it is one of the few Phlomis to prefer a good soil that doesn’t dry out and it is absolutely hardy. It has proved to be a tough and very hardy plant both in pots and the garden, a good mix with many other perennials and ornamental grasses.  The foliage can scorch and brown if it dries out in summer but it doesnt seem to do long term harm. It’s deciduous in cold winters and is a largely clump forming species though it can wander a little in lighter soils.

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