Persicaria amplexicaulis Pink Elephant


A rather unusual form with shorter distinct, arching, rather gooseneck like spikes of soft pink flowers throughout summer. Pointed leaves have a blueish tinge. Easily grown and free flowering. Best in a moisture retentive soil in sun or shade. Height 60cm (2′)

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Product Description

From the name you would think that this would rampage through your border with no grace. Not true, it is short, requiring no support and the light pink flowers are extremely pretty for many weeks in mid summer through to Autumn. It’s easy-to-grow, and is a long blooming perennial which produce loads of narrow, pink, bottlebrush-like spiked flowers atop tall, dark stems for nearly 5 months beginning in early summer. The large, ovate, deep green leaves are clasped directly to the stems and form an upright, bushy clump in the landscape.  It spreads slowly but is not invasive.  Makes an interesting ground cover when planted in drifts.Size 1L
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