Mukgenia Nova Flame


A cool and lovely intergeneric cross, hybrid of bergenia and mukdenia, dark pink flowers from the Bergenia and shiny think leathery foliage with jagged burgundy edges, the Mukdenia provides interesting texture and Autumn colour, blooms early spring to summer.


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Product Description

The only Mukdenia-Bergenia cross on the market, Nova Flame is a special hybrid! Offering dark pink flowers from its Bergenia mother and jagged leaves edges and outstanding fall colour from its Mukdenia father, its fabulous in mixed beds, borders and containers!¬†Those aren’t the only great features of this intergenic cross. The thick, leathery leaves on Nova Flame last longer in the Autumn than Mukdenia. Highly versatile and adaptable, it thrives in a variety of climates and sun exposures.With ‘Crimson Fans’ Mukdenia as its father, Nova Flame shows its Bergenia colors in the spring with dark-pink flowers blooming in April, May and June. The father’s leathery, jagged foliage takes over in the fall.Growing at a moderate rate in a clumping habit in leafy, well-drained soil with average water, Nova Flame reaches 13 inches when flowering. Care must be taken not to bury the crowns when planting.Size 2L
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