Mukdenia karasuba


A choice herbaceous woodland perennial reaching up to 30 cms high or thereabouts. It is a hardy perennial producing generally thickened stumpy rhizomes from which rise both leaves and flowers. Foliage is deep green and generally palmate although this is not immediately obvious as they are very deeply dissected. Flowers are held on rigid stout stems which bear panicles of numerous small creamy-white flowers. Good red autumn colour.

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Product Description

Spreading slowly by underground rhizomes to form a clump of rich green maple-like foliage, this attractive perennial also produces pretty sprays of bell-shaped white flowers in spring. Towards the end of summer, the foliage takes on rich claret tones before it starts to die back and sometimes this can be quite dazzling. Originating from wooded areas in N. E. Asia, it provides valuable groundcover in shadier positions and looks particularly good when planted in drifts.

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