Lamium Orvala

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Lamium orvala. This is the Big Daddy of the deadnettle world. The leaves are large and rough, set well off the stems on long stalks. The flowers are produced in a ring of half a dozen around each node up the stem. They are ruddy pink with wide open mouths and shaggy lips and more than a passing resemblance to a guard of Chinese dragons. It doesn’t spread around like so many of its cousins, preferring to make a statement where it stands. 30-45cm. Spring flowering, for shade.

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Product Description

Lamium orvala is one of our prized woodland garden jewels! Instead of scrambling along the ground, L. orvala is a handsome chap … an upright, tallish, clump-former, clothed in triangular, soft, highly veined, and somewhat hairy, serrated leaves. You can throw out your preconceptions about Lamiums because this bears about as much resemblance to those as a Mercedes does to a Ford Focus!. A strong deep- rooted non spreading clumper with textured foliage and pouchy mauve pink flowers. Simply  a long lived, Spring delight.

Size 9cm