Hydrangea asp. macrophylla


This rather striking Hydrangea aspera ‘Macrophylla’ has large, green and velvety leaves that can be as much as 35 cm long when mature. This plant produces gorgeous purple and white blooms in the summer. A lovely combination that fits in any garden and this hydrangea aspera is lovely, practically the whole year round! Plant it in a nice sheltered spot in your garden.

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Product Description

This large deciduous shrub is noted for its bold spectacular felted leaves (up to 10 inches long!). In midsummer Hydrangea aspera ‘Macrophylla’ produces well spaced, large delicate lace-cap flowers with pure white sterile florets surrounding an interior of tiny lavender fertile flowers. An open branching pattern allows a view of the attractive reddish tan bark which peels from the trunk. Definitely a show-stopper in the garden! Mix this interesting shrub with rhododendrons, camellias or other dark green foliage plants. Planting in front of evergreen trees not only highlight the beautiful flowers, but also enhance the peeling bark in the winter months.Size 2L
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