Hydrangea arborescens Annabelle


The cool white Hydrangea arborescens ‘Annabelle’ produces one of the most magical of all winter seed heads. After the flowers have faded and fallen, a skeleton of fine tracery remains to catch the frost and low winter sunshine. So this is one hydrangea that deserves a prominent place in every garden, somewhere it can shine in three seasons – summer, autumn and winter.  ‘Annabelle’ is good in any border where an upright presence of cool-white is needed. More importantly it’s the most drought-tolerant hydrangea of all.

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Product Description

You can create high impact in the modern garden with these summer snowballs. Hydrangea arborescens Annabelle produces huge globes of white flowers in abundance, each reaching up to 25cm in diameter in Autumn. This cool white variety produces a magical winter seed head. In autumn, Annabelle will show a spectrum of colour. The creamy white flowers will blend to pale lime and finally bright green, while the foliage turns from green to yellow. A winner of the RHS Award of Garden Merit, this variety only grows to 1.5m tall, making it the perfect subject for growing in the small garden or pots and containers. Make sure to keep the roots moist for a happy Hydrangea.

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