Gunnera manicata


The grandest foliage plant for damp or boggy soil, giving a tropical air to temperate gardens. You may shelter beneath huge parasol-like leaves. 152 cm across held on wrist-thick, bristly stalks. Curious flower spikes hide beneath. Apply farmyard manure lavishly. Protect coconut-sized resting buds in winter with own foliage bent over, plus bracken or herbaceous remains. H2 m. Spread huge!

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Product Description

Gunnera is one of the biggest and most spectacular, dramatic, architectural, herbaceous plants, commonly thought of as ‘giant rhubarb’. The plants need a lot of space because it is difficult to restrict their size. They look best as specimen plants in a damp bog garden, or beside a large pond where the reflections reveal the prickly undersides of the leaves. The fat growth buds clustered in the crown are prone to frost damage, so pile the dead leaves and stems into a mound over the plants in autumn for winter protection – they make quite a feature of their own. It is one of the most spectacular plants that can be grown in Britain, but requires deep, permanently moist, humus-rich soil, lots of space and protection from cold, drying winds.

Size 3L