Gaura “The Bride”


Gaura lindheimeri ’The Bride’ forms a mat of soft foliage that contrasts beautifully with the delicate white flowers held on long thin stems. It has a wild slightly unkempt look that suits natural style plantings. This makes it a good plant for a cottage garden, informal borders or flowering ground cover. Its lax growth habit makes it particularly useful for filling in gaps in the border and linking other planting groups together. It has a long flowering season that lasts from early summer well into autumn.

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A graceful, hazy plant with airy spikes of white, star-shaped flowers with long anthers like daddy long-legs, held on slender stems from May to September. This exceptionally long-flowering perennial looks equally at home in an informal cottage-style garden or among soft grasses in a new perennial border. It is exceptionally drought-tolerant and will soak up the sun. Give it space, as its wispy stems will lean over plants and pathways, BUT resist the temptation to cut back after the plant has flowered, as it takes on beautiful autumn tints, particularly in cold weather. Cut back and divide large colonies in spring.
H90cm Sp60cm

Size 1L