Eupatorium fistulosum Ivory Towers


An impressive and magnificent giant. This robust and sturdy perennial for the back of the border forms a dense clump of thick, strong stems clad in mid green leaves topped with huge, football like, pure white flower heads beloved by butterflies. H:-6ft.

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Eupatorium fistulosum is native to North America and grows in moist or humid habitats with rich soil, such as marshes, ditches and damp woodlands. This vigorous grower, also known as Joe Pye weed or Queen of the Meadow can grow up to7ft  in height! It produces spectacular flowers from mid-summer until the first frosts. Its floral heads are borne on strong, tubular stems and produce lots of nectar, which the butterflies love!The Eupatorium fistulosum ‘Ivory Towers variety first appeared in the catalogue of German seedsmen Jelitto in 2010. Grow in the (morning) sun or partial shade in good garden soil that is sufficient moist in the summer to sustain vigorous growth.H6-7ft Size 2L
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