Digitalis stewartii


Make a garden statement with this huge and rare Foxglove! Digitalis stewatii grows to 6’ tall and bears hundreds of tubular bronze/orange flowers, veined sienna, on straight, erect spikes. The foliage rosette is leathery and evergreen. In areas with cool Summers, it prefers full sun, in hotter areas it may need part shade


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Product Description

Now here’s a Foxglove to talk about! Not only is it apparently new to cultivation, but it is also about the tallest one around. Decidedly impressive, it produces long, thin spires bearing for most of their length crowded, large-lipped, dark veined, old gold-orange flowers.  6ft (1.8m) Soundly perennial and bone hardy, this plant will perform trouble-free for many yearsSize 9cm
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