Centaurea macrocephela


Huge, bright yellow almost fluffy flowers in mid summer follow attractive papery buds.Makes a dramatic upright clump in the middle of a sunny border. Attractive to bees. H1.5m

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Product Description

C.macrocephela is a magnificent perennial that is ideal for providing vertical interest in a sunny well drained border. The golden yellow shaggy thistle like blooms appear on strong stems and mid green , lance shaped leaves are followed by attractive seed heads. Also known as Armenian Basket Flower it is a reference to the woven base below the petals, which adds an interesting texture to the garden and for cutting. Growing to 5ft this is an excellent plant for the back of the border. It has a long flowering period, from mid summer to early autumn and will attract lots of butterflies and other insects to the garden.Extremely hardy, it prefers a sunny location and well drained soil and is quite tolerant of dry conditions, but dislikes being moved once established. H5ft

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