Brunnera macrophylla “Looking Glass”


Silver jewels for the shade! Standing an impressive 12-15 inches tall, ‘Looking Glass’ displays leaves with an all-over sterling silver patina. This solid silver coating is developed as the large, heart-shaped leaves age, by early summer. The leaves tend to curl under, adding a softness to its mounded form. Springtime brings clusters of tiny, Wedgewood blue, forget-me-not type flowers which naturally float above the young foliage that is silver with green veins

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Product Description

This brunnera cultivar has amazing, large, silvery, heart-shaped leaves that are mostly evergreen. Delicate blue flowers emerge in spring. Drought tolerant once established, ‘Looking Glass’ brunnera requires little watering and is fairly resistant to pests. This cultivar grows to a little more than a foot tall and almost as wide. Use it in a woodland or shade garden, in a container, or at waterside.

Size 2L