Aquilegia clematiflora


The sentiment that these flowers resemble those of a Clematis is merely a closest-case comparison, as there is really nothing quite like the flowers of the Aquilegia clematiflora. Large, flared, outward-facing pink flowers, almost identical to those of a clematis, are held proudly facing outwards on this most admired aquilegia. Sold in 9cm pots

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Product Description

Aquilegia clematiflora has a spectacular Clematis-like flower formation. The flowers lack the ‘spurs’ at the rear of the flower seen on the majority of columbines. The blooms begin as nodding, flattened buds which grow to almost spherical heads 2 to 3cm (1½in) in width. They open with extravagantly multi-petalled blooms with starburst points that are quite different from any other columbines.

This is one of the most popular forms and is highly prized for its bright, cheerful flowers and graceful and upright habit. This easy to grow plant is adaptable to sun or part shade, but prefers at least a little protection in dappled sunlight.

Stylish and elegant, they grow to around 80cm (32in) tall when in flower and will produce many stems in a super spectrum selection of all colours including white, pinks, scarlet and purples.

Size 9cm