Aegopodium podagraria ‘Variegatum’


Yes, I know, it’s exactly the same plant as the dreaded ground elder but variegated. Probably the most attractive variegated plant in the garden with lovely flat topped umbellifer flowers in summer. It is invasive, so plant with care (but less so than its common relative!) Great in dry spots where nothing else will thrive.

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Product Description

Commonly called variegated ground elder, this striking plant produces beautiful variegated leaves in even the shadiest parts of your garden. This plant has strong smelling long-stalked leaves with tiny white flowers.Leaves have a distinctive flavour and can be added to salads and soup when young. They can also be used as a vegetable.Spread: indefinite. (Note: this variegated species is less invasive than its cousin, the Ground Elder)Size 2L
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