Hydrangea macrophylla “Zorro”

‘Zorro’ is a rounded, bushy, deciduous shrub with broadly ovate, toothed, veined, dark green leaves...

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Scabious “Eileen’s Pink”

I first noticed this charming Scabious growing in my Mother’s garden a few years ago and was struck by how...

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Viburnum Le Bois Marquis

Viburnum ‘Le Bois Marquis’ is a lovely viburnum bred in France from a cross between Viburnum awabuki and Viburnum...

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Mukgenia Nova Flame

The only Mukdenia-Bergenia cross on the market, Nova Flame is a special hybrid! Offering dark pink flowers from...

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Ligularia dentata Othello

Sometimes called Elephant Ears, this is a bold specimen perennial that needs a moist location. Plants form a...

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Hydrangea asp. macrophylla

This large deciduous shrub is noted for its bold spectacular felted leaves (up to 10 inches long!). In midsummer...

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Crocosmia Buttercup

Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora ‘Buttercup’ is a deciduous herbaceous perennial, growing from an...

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Rheum palmatum tanguticum

A handsome and architectural damp lover for a pond or stream side.  The large jagged leaves covering up to 2.5m...

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